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Basic course, young adult dog course (English)

Basic dog training and socialization for you and your dog - mandatory course in Zurich

Our basic dog training course is aimed at interested, motivated people who enjoy working with their dogs and who enjoy employing and utilizing them in a species-appropriate manner. In doing so, we always rely on the latest scientific findings and on the learning behavior of dogs according to learning theory.

You can attend the basic course in case you need to complete a compulsory dog course for the canton of Zurich.

Dog training course content

Our course lessons take place weekly on an ongoing basis and a course start is possible at any time after registration.

Dog training in our Basic Course is set up in a way that there is a progression over time. First, the basics are taught which are then deepened further on. For each course lesson date, we’ll organize several course groups and assign you to the group that is most suitable for you.

Course content

  • Dog behavior & leadership quality

  • Word of praise / marker signals

  • Eye contact with dog owner

  • Self-control

  • Leash handling basic knowledge

  • Recall basic knowledge

  • Sit, down

  • Heel / basic position

  • Drop

  • Welcoming situation / meeting other people

  • First tricks

  • Training of everyday situations

  • Occasional free play

  • Question and answer sessions

  • Arousal management, concentration

  • Encounters with other dogs

  • Switching sides while walking

  • Sit, stay, keep your distance

  • How to introduce and train commands in general

  • Wait (e.g. when tied to a post)

  • Abort signals

  • Stay in box, stay on blanket

  • Collar training / muzzle training

  • Walk behind the owner

  • «Parking» between the legs

  • Search games and coordination training

  • Clicker training

  • Retrieve

  • Towline handling

  • Hand target

  • Occasional free play

  • and much more that is practical for everyday life. That is why we also train outside our training area so that we can practice in everyday situations.

Who should attend this course?

Our basic course is suitable for all dog owners with their dogs who would like to have a solid training foundation to easily manage all everyday situations together.

Our basic course is also the right course for you if you need to attend compulsory courses with a certificate for course completion for the canton of Zurich.

Dog School course dates and location

When do course lessons take place?

  • Mondays usually between 5pm and 7:30pm, mostly 2 groups after each other

In addition, you may also attend our German speaking basic course lessons which take place as follows:

  • Mondays usually between 2pm and 6pm, mostly 2 or 3 groups in a row

  • Tuesdays usually between 6pm and 8.30pm, mostly 2 or 3 groups in a row

  • Thursday usually between 6pm and 8.30pm, mostly 2 or 3 groups in a row

  • Sundays between 9.45am and 2pm

Course Location

The course lessons mostly take place on our training area in Zurich Albisgüetli. Alternative training locations will be announced 1-2 days in advance in our dog school app. Our training area is wonderfully located at the foot of the Uetliberg and we even have a lake view 😊

You can find the training area just above the tram 13 terminal station in Zurich Albisgüetli. For your car navigation system enter Uetlibergstrasse 355, Zurich. The training area is on your left when you come up the hill.

👉 Our training area on Google Maps

Course Fee and Subscription Options

We mostly recommend to attend 10 course lessons but you may also opt to attend less or more course lessons.

  • Subscription for 10 lessons without certificate: Fr. 450.-

  • Short subscription for 5 lessons without certificate: Fr. 250.-

  • Certificate confirming successful course participation and completion for large or massive breeds (canton ZH), if required: Fr. 50.-

In addition, we are also offering a one-time trial lesson: Fr. 50.-

👉 Example: if you need to attend 10 compulsory course lessons (obligatorischer Kurs) "Junghundekurs" or "Erziehungskurs" with a certificate confirming successful course participation, this would be Fr. 500.- in total for the 10 course lessons with subsequent issuing of the certificate for the canton of Zurich.

Mix-Subscription – valid for different courses

The subscriptions for our basic course are a so-called "Mix-Subscriptions", with which you can also attend other courses besides the basic course. The following courses are included and part of the Mix-Subscription and you can, if you wish, also attend lessons in these courses:

  • Basic Course (Junghundekurs, Erziehungskurs)

  • Mix Course for family dogs incl. agility, clicker training, obedience, nose games, coordination training, tricks and lots of fun («Partydogs»)

  • Consistent Education for everyday life

  • Social Walks, training dog encounters on the leash

  • Dummy training, Retrieval work, dog-appropriate exercises in the field - first a one-time introduction is needed here, this is deducted from the subscription as 2 lessons. Afterwards you can practice with our regular training groups.

Mix-Subscription and compulsory courses: the courses that can be attended with the Mix-Subscription are all also counted towards the compulsory certificate for the canton of Zurich 👍.

More information about our Mix-Subscription (in German)


Register for dog training course

Über unser Anmeldeformular kannst du dich einfach für diesen Kurs oder dieses Angebot anmelden. Wir fragen dich bei der Anmeldung direkt nach relativ vielen Informationen, um dich und deinen Hund so gut wie möglich einschätzen zu können um dich mit deinem Hund so bestmöglich zu unterstützen und zu fördern.

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